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645 Imaging

Welcome to 645 Imaging, the online portfolio of Chris Saunders. Here you will find stunning aerial and landscape photography that captures the beauty of the world from a unique perspective. Take a moment to browse through our gallery and experience the wonder of nature through Chris's lens.

Recent Work

I am pleased to present a selection of my favorite photographs that I have recently captured. These images highlight the beauty of our world, featuring breathtaking landscapes and intricate details. Each photograph is a unique representation of a moment in time, telling its own story. I hope that you will find them as captivating as I do.



My Portfolio

Master Photographer

With over 8 years of experience, Chris Saunders is the accredited professional photographer behind 645 Imaging.  He has won numerous awards for his photography, including Australian Professional Photographer of the Year three times and holds the title of Master Photographer with the NZIPP.


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